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Project Description
DiscogsNet is a .NET library to query the API and parse the Discogs XML data dump files. It's developed in C# and usable from any .NET language.
The API of the library is focused on ease of use and intuitiveness.
It's currently linked against .NET 4, but given the source, it's shouldn't be a big effort to compile it with .NET 3.5. However, as LINQ is heavily leveraged, .NET 2.0 is somewhat more difficult to support.

Your support for the project will be appreciated if you can make a donation over at the documentation page.

Getting the binary vs. building from source
Currently, building from source is recommended, as usually the repository contains working code and will be more recent than the binaries. Use the binaries if you can't or don't want to build from source.

Documentation / Usage Examples
You can have a look at the documentation ( for information about usage and capabilities.

Feature requests
Any feature requests / suggestions are welcome. When contacting me, please make sure I can get in touch with you for any further details.

MySQL support
DiscogsNet supports importing the data dumps in the MySQL database. A DB schema is shipped with the source code, along with classes to insert the data into the tables. For ease of use even for people who don't understand C#, a command line utility is provided which can instantiate the database and import the data. The command line utility is also compatible with Mono, so it also runs on all platforms Mono supports (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).

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